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Described as both an "anomaly" and an "enigma", Rob Webber definitely has a very one of a kind comedic style that has been declared as inimitable by comedy producers, hosts, and comics alike. Hailing from the northwest coast region of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Rob says "I was born in a small First Nations village just off Vancouver Island and raised in an Indo-Canadian neighborhood n the greater Vancouver area. I honestly had no idea I was Caucasian until I was 12." Rob credits his sense of humour to both a love since childhood of making people laugh and finding a copy of Cheech and Chong's 8 track cassette of "Up in Smoke.” Rob decided "I want to do that too" and was known very much as the "class clown" or "comeback kid" for always having a oneliner to shoot back with. Rob Webber told his first joke on a stage at the age of 10 when he attended a taping of the Don Harron show in Vancouver, BC. During the intermission between tapings, a "joke contest" was announced. As the youngest contestant, Rob Webber won the crowd and the contest, and took home the prize which was a wall clock. Rob says much like his own perception of growing older, "I still have it, it just doesn't work as well with the age of it." Rob has overcome several personal challenges to continue to perform stand up comedy, and in 2016 decided to make the move to full time with his partner and wife, Cheryl Hall. Together they have created a comedic team and stand up act that often leaves people with a sense of "he said/she said." In March of 2019 Rob and Cheryl decided to take a risk with a self-funded and promoted cross Canada tour, which included BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, New Brunswick, and PEI, as well as 6 months extensively performing throughout all of Ontario. Rob says the time spent developing his stand up material and "meeting average Canadians in towns I hadn't been yet" was a huge boost to both the presentation and quality of his jokes and delivery on stage. At the present time, Rob is writing for his first comedy album soon to be recorded and filmed, which will be released in 2020. Rob and those who work closely with him at Big Tuna Comedy are excited about the future and are looking forward to the next chapter in the adventure called BIG TUNA COMEDY. To contact for bookings or info, email Or find him on YouTube at : Rob Webber aka Big Tuna Comedy Or follow the antics on Instagram @bigtunacomedy


Rob Webber began Big Tuna Comedy back in 2015 to coordinate and produce several live stand up comedy events. Rob has produced comedy events for a wide variety of clients and audiences, which include stand alone shows soley produced by Big Tuna Comedy such as the following:

Big Tuna's little comedy show

Duncan B.C
April 17th - 2016

In April of 2016, Big Tuna Comedy decided to put together an event capitalizing on the recent 1st Yuk Yuks "yuk off" contest. Every comedian on stage that night, including Rob Webber, had been a contestant or finalest in the contest. All 3 semi-finalests performed, as well as some local area comics with headliner Efthimios Nasiopolos closing the night.
Fun fact: Rob Webber, Cheryl Hall, and the very team behind this website also did the cooking and prep work for the show. Very much a β€œhands on” team around the pond.

Big Tunas evening of comedy

Duncan B.C
April 27th - 2017

In the spring of 2017 Big Tuna Comedy had the pleasure of once again hosting an evening of comedy with partial proceeds being donated to local charities. The evening was hosted by both Rob Webber and Cheryl Hall, featuring local Victoria comics Evan Mumford and Evan MacDonald, with headliner comedian, the hilarious Simon King ending the evening with his fast paced style. Great night and great laughs.

Left coast comedy show

Duncan B.C
September - Janurary- 2018

Big Tuna Comedy had a weekly show consisting of some big names at the Kingsway Pub in Port Alberni, B.C.
Fun fact: We were the furtherst west comedy show in Canada at that time.
Funner fact: It was painful watching him trying to figure that one out!

Attracting many of Vancouver Island's and North American Comedy scenes top headline comics. After relocating to Ontario's "Cottage Country" Rob Webber and the Big Tuna Comedy team have branched out to produce and coordinate cooperation and business-oriented events with several well known and experienced professional comedians that can be chosen to entertain specific businesses and events. Rob Webber has also established himself as a very inimitable comedian and comedy producer who tries to be both a "comic's comic" and provide the best comedy experience for all to enjoy.

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Off stage interests can include
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Editing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Sing
  • Guitar, Drum, Piano & Harmonica playing

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Bro, you fucking rock. I'm slowly climbing the ranks in Cape Town and i just wanna give you a big ups on the funny, crazy shit you bring to the table 😜🍻!!! I hope to see you soon Rob. Keep up the amazing work I'm almost there!!! Have an awesome festive season.

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@Bigtunacomedy lmfao that made my day lesson learned in life dont read your comments while drinking i just spit my drink everywhere gud 1 😂 πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

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